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Aabha= Light.
Aabharan =Jewel.
Aabher = Acow herd.
Aadarsh = Onewho has principles.
Aadhishankar= Sri Shandarachary
founder ofAdwaitha Philosophy.
Aadhunik =Modern. New.
Aadi = First. Aadidev= The first God.
Aadinath =The first God.
Aaditey = Sonof Aditi.
Aafreen = Encouragement.
Aagney = Sonof the fire.
Aagyey = Unknown
Aahlaad = Delight.
Aahlaadith= Joyous person.
Aahwaanith= Who has been invited,Wanted. 
Aakanksh= Desire.
Aakar = Form.Shape 
Aakar = Form.Shape.
Aakash = Sky.Price.Worth.Value.
Aalam = Thewhole world.
Aalok = Cryof victory.
Aamod = Pleasant.Accept.
Aandaleeb= Bulbul(Bird).
Aanjaney =Lord Hanuman. 
Aanjaneya =Lord Hanuman.
Aaquid = Onewho promises. Aaraadhak = Worshipper.
Aaron = Enlightened.High Mountain.Lofty.Inspired.
Aarzoo = Wish.
Aashish= Bless.

Aashlesh =To embrace.
Aashutosh =Who is easily pleased.
Aashka = Receiving or Taking blessings from the God.
Aastik = Onewho has faith in God.
Aatmaj = Son.

Aatrey = Anancient name.
Aathreya =Descendant of Athri. A disciple of sage Vamadeva.
Aatma = Soul.
Aayu = Spanof life. 
Aayushmaan= Long life
Abayomi = Hewho brings joy.
Abbas = A familyname.Froning one. Ferocious lion .Marvel of Peru.Paternal uncle of Prophetmuhammad.
Abbot = Father.
Abdullah =Servant of God.
Abe = Breath.
Abel = Breath.Exhalation of breath. The second son of Adam. 
Abelard= Resolute.
Aben = Fatherof multitudes
Abhaas= Awarness.
Abhas= Reflection. 
Abhav= Vishnu. Shiva.Birthless. Abhay = Fearless. Courageous. Abhayankar = Personwho gives courage and fearlessness. Abhayasimha = As fearless as Lion.Abheek = Fearless. 
Abheest= Wanted.Desired. Abhichandra = Beautiful Moon Abhigyan = Recollection.
Abhijaat= Well born. High born. Abhijay = Victorious. 
Abhijeet= Victor.Vishnu. Victorious.
Abhijin= Eighth division of the time of the day. Abhijit = Victor. Vishnu.
Abhik= Beloved.
Abhilash= Desire. Wish. Aspiration.
Abhimaan= One with self-respect.
Abhimanyu= Name of Arjun's son. Short tempered. Son of Arjuna & Subhadra. Oneof the heroes in Mahabharat.
Abhinandan= Congratulations.Handsome son. Abhinav = Novel. Modern.Brand New
Abhindra= Devendra. Indra. King of heavens. Abhineeth = Serene.Loving.Forgiving.
Abhinivesh= Long cherished desire.Idea.
Abhinu= Brave man.
Abhir= Cow herd.
Abhira= Cow herd.
Abhiraam= Lovely.Pleasing.
Abhiraj= Handsome.
Abhirath= Great Chariotist. Handsome.
Abhiroop= Handsome.
Abhirup= Handsome. Pleasing. Abhisara = One who illuminates. Abhisheha = Desirous.
Abhivaadan= Salute.
Abhivachan= Good word.Promise. Abhivadak = One who salutes with respect.
Abhivandan= Salute.
Abhivandya= One who is treated respectfully.
Abhyuday =Progress.
Abigail = Fathers joy.
Abijah = Thelord is my father.

Abilash = Hope.Wish. Desire.
Abner = Fatherof light.
Abraham = Fatherof the multitude. Abram = Exalted father. The patriarch Abraham's namebefore God changed it. The lofty one is my father.
Abrar= Truthful people. Saints.
Absalom = Fatherof peace. Son of King David.
Abu = Father.Lotus.Waterlily.Lord.Master. Abubakar = Noble.
Ace = Noble.A nickname given to one who excels. Unity.
Achal = Constant.Unmoving. Static.
Achalendra= The Himalayas.
Achilles =The hero of the trojan war. The mythological hero of the Trojan War.Nameof a saint.
Achintya= Inconceivable. A name of Lord Shiva Good.
Achlendra =King of the mountains.
Achyut = Indestructable.Name of Vishnu. Perfect. Whole. Imperishable.
Achyutanand= The almighty.
Ackerley =Of the oak meadow.
Ackerleigh = Meadow of oak trees
Ackersley = Meadow of oak trees
Acklie = Meadow of oak trees
Aadarsh= Ideal.
Aadarsha =Ideal.
Aagam = Coming.Arrival.
Aahlaadita= One who is in a happy mood. Aahwaana = Invitation.
Aakaanksha= Desire. 
Aakarshaka= Attractive.
Aakarshana= Attraction.
Aaloka = Lustrous.
Aamra-pali= Mango tree leaf.
Aanandi, Aanandita= Always happy woman. 
AamuktaMalya= Name of the poem written by an Inidan King Sri Krishna Deva Raya.
Aanandamayi= Very happy
Aapt = Trustworthy.Friend.
Aapti = Fulfilment.
Aaradhana =Worship.
Aarati = Akind of worship.
Aarushi = Daughterof Manu.
Aarzoo = Wish.
Aasha = Hope.
Aasha Latha = Creeper of hope.
Aashrita = One Who Has Taken Refuge In The Lord.
Aastha = Combination of Faith and Devotion.
Abayomi = she who brings joy.
Abdhija = Born in Sea.GoddessLakshmi.

Abha = Shining.Lustre. Glorious. Beauty.
Abharan = AJewel.Ornament.
Abhayankari= One who gives courage.Dispels fear. 
Abhayankari= One who gives courage.Dispels fear. 
Abharika= One who has a halo around her head. A Goddess.
Abhaya = Fearlessness.Courage.
Abhigeetha= Praised.
Abhigya = Expert.Wellinformed.Adept. Abhijaata(Abhijata) = Well born woman.
Abhijaya =Victorious.
Abhijishya= Independent girl.
Abhijita(Abhijitha)= Victorious woman.
Abhikhya =Beauty.Fame.Shine.
Abhilasha =Desire. Wish. Hope.
Abhilashita= Desired.Yearned for. Abhimaaninee(Abhimanini)(Abhimaanini) = Who possessesself-respect.
Abhinandana= Congragulations.Happiness.
Abhinetri =Actress. Dancer.
Abhinivesha= Long cherished desire.Faith.Determination.
Abhiroopa =Beautiful woman.Attractive.
Abhisarika= Beloved. 
Abhivandya= One who is respected,saluted.
Abigail(Abigal)= My father Rejoices. Delightful. Name of king David's third wife.
Abimola = Bornto the rich.
Abiona = Bornwhile journeying.
Abira = Strong.
Abjini = Lotuspond.Collection of lotuses.
Acacia = Thorny.
Acantha = Fromthe plant Acanthus. Acchoda = Limpid water.Pure water.Name of a Pond inheaven.
Achala = TheEarth
Achintya =Beyond thought.
Achira = Veryshort.
Achiraprabha= Lightening.
Acie = Thorny

Adair= Form of Edgar. From the oak tree ford.
Adalard= Braveand noble.
Adam = First.Earthling man. From the red earth.Wheat-coloured.White Camel. Balck -spotteddeer. First man and prophet who is considered the father of human race.
Earth. Ruby.CelestialGlobe.
Adar = Fiery.
Adarsh = Ideal.Nobelman.
Addison = Sonof Adam.
Addul = Sonof. Servant of. 
Adelbert= Noble and brilliant.
Adelric = Noblecommander.
Adesh = Anorder.A command.
Adheer = Restless.
Adheesh = King.God.
Adhesh = Acommand.
Adhik = More.Superior.Elevated.
Adhip = King.
Adhish = God.King.
Adhishwar =Emperor.Supreme authority(The God).
Adiel = Godis an ornament.
Adil = Sincere.Just. 
Adin= Pleasure given. Sensual.
Adinarayan= Vishnu.
Adinath ,Aadinath= Father of Bharata & Bahubali. Leader
Adipurush =Paramatma.
Adishankar= Sri Sankaracharya,founder of Adwaitha Philosophy.
Adishesh =Serpent God.
Adisura = Nameof an ancient king.Vishnu.
Adit = TheSun.
Adithya = Sun. 
Aditi= Infinite.
Aditya = TheSun.
Aditya Vardhan= One who embellishes the Sun.
Adjovi = Prince.
Adlai = Myornament. My witness.
Adler = Eagle.
Adolf = Noblewolf.
Adolph = Noblewolf
Adonis = Handsome.A lord.
Adrian = Asaints name. Dark one.Of the Adriatic
Adriel = OfGod's congregation. Of Gods flock.
Adrik = Ofthe Adriatic. Bold.
Advaita = Non-duality.
Adwin = Artist.
Adwithiya= Without a second,unequalled
Aegeus = Afterthe Aegean sea. 
Aeneas = Praiseworthy. 
Aeolus = Theruler of the winds.
Afam = Loyal.
Affoyon = Welcome.
Aftab = TheSun.
Agarkar = Surname.
Agasti = Nameof a sage
Agastya = Nameof a saint. Name of a sage.
Name of a star
Agendra = Kingof the mountains.
Agha = Master.Lord.Chief.Elderbrother.Mister.Another name for god.
Aghad = Vast.Deep,UnfathomableTheGod.
Agharna = Themoon
Aghor= Gentle nature of shiva, one of the five faces of shiva.

Aghoranath= Shiva.
Agira = Sun.Fire.
Agneya = Directionowned by Agni, the direction between east and south.
Agnihamsa =Athma. Soul.
Agnimistra= Friend of fire.
Agnivesh =Name of a saint. An ancient medical authority.
Agrahar = Aplot of land given to a Brahman by a king.
Agrim = Advance.First.
Agrima = Leadership.
Agriya = First.Best.
Agyey = Unknown. 
Ada= Joyous. Prosperous.
Adabelle =Joyous and fair.
Adag = Pure,blemishless.
Adama = Feminineof Adam.
Adarsha(Aadarsha) = Ideal.Aim. Adbhutha = Marvel.Astounding.

Adela = Noble.
Adelaide =Noble. Kindly. Cheerful.
Adelyne = Noble.Of nobility.
Aderet = Cape.
Adharshana = Idealistic. Adhidevata= Patron diety.Presiding diety.
Adhika = Excess.Abundant.Special.
Adhrushta =Goodluck.Fortune.
Adhya = First power.One of the ten Durgas.
Adil = Sincere.
Adina= Graceful. Delicate.
Adisri(Aadisree)= Adi Lakshmi.

Aditi = Nameof a sage. The Earth.Mother of Devas
Adnromeda =The wife of perseus in greek Mythology.
Adna = Pleasure.
Adnah = Pleasure.
Adney = Pleasure.
Adona = Feminineof Adolph.
Adore = Adored.
Adrienne =Noble. Feminine of Adrian.
Adrija = Daughterof the mountain,goddess Parvathi.
Adrika(Aadrika) = A small mountain.
Apsara.Aduke= Beloved.
Aegea = Feminineof Aegeus.
Aeola = Feminineof Aeolus, God of the winds.
Afra = Young Doe. Earth color. From the continent Africa.
Afreen = Encouragement. 
Aftab= The Sun.
Aftan = From Afton

Aganit = Countless.Innumerable. 
Agasthi = Alearned lady of the past. Agasthya = A star
Agatha = Good.Pure.Kind.
Aghamarshan= Destroyer of sin. Aghanashini = Destroyer of sins.River. Agnes = Pure.chaste.True.
Agnidev = TheFire God.
Agnije = Agni'sdaughter,Draupadi. Agnimitra = Agni's friend, the Wind. Agninayan = Shiva.
Agrasandhya= Sunrise.Dawn. Agrata(Agratha) = Leadership.
Agrima = Leadership. 

Ahab= Uncle.
Ahalad = Enjoy.
Ahern = Lordof horses.
Ahidhar = Whowears serpents. Shiva.
Ahladith =Joyous person.
Ahmed = Mostpraised.. One of the many names of the Prophet Mohammed.
Ahren = Eagle.
Ahsan = Obligation.
Ahwanith =Who has been invited. Wanted.
Aidan = Fiery.
Aijaz = Favour.
Aiken = Oaken.Sturdy.
Ainesh = Thesun's glory.
Ainsley = Fromthe near meadow.
Airaawat =The celestial Elephant. 
Indra's Chariot 
Aj= Not born.
Aja = Brahma.Unborn.
Ajaat = Unborn.
Ajaat Satru= One without enemies.
Ajaata = Unborn.
Ajamil = Amythological king. Ibraham who was given salvation at the time of death.
Ajar = Ageless.God.
Ajatha shathru= One who has enemies.
Ajax = Eagle.
Ajay = Invincible.One who cannot be conquered/defeated. Always successful. Vishnu.
Ajit = Invincible.Unconquerable & successful person.
Ajitabh = Onewho conquered the sky. Vishnu, Whose lustre cannot be diminished.
Ajitesh = VictoriousGod.
Aj = Not born.
Ajmal = Pious.
Akalank = Flawless.Faultless. 
Akalmash= Pure.Spotless.
Akansh = Hope.Desire.
Akarshak =Attravtive.
Akarshan =Attraction.
Akash = Thesky.To shine
Akashaling= Shivaling at
Akbar = Powerful.Name of a poweful Mughal
king.Very big.Very great.
Akeno = Brightshining field.
Akhand = Whole.Complete.
Akhandanand= Fully happy The god.
Akhil = World.Whole. Perfect. Entire.
Akhilesh =Lord of the world. God. King.
Akhileshwar= Supreme being.
Akhtar = StarOmen. 
Akhyath= Famous.
Akilandeshwar= Lord of the world. God.
King. Emperor.
Akili = Wiseone.
Akmal = Complete.
Akop = Calmone of the Ministers of Dasharatha. 
Akram= Excellent.
Akroor = Gentle.Krishna'sfriend. A Yadava chief.
Akrur = Simple.Polite.
Akshaj =Diamond.Lightening.Vishnu.
Akroor = Gentle.Krishna's
friend. AnYadava chief. Akrur = Simple. Polite.
Akshaj = Diamond.Lightening.Vishnu.
Akshakumar= Son of Ravana & Mandodari. 
Akshan= Eye. Indestructible
Akshapad =Gautam.
Akshar = Imperishable.A
syllable. Permanent.
Akshat = Uninjured.Unscathed.Whole.Vishnu.
Akshay = Immortal.Imperishable.Full.
Eternal. Fullof good things. Invincible 
Akshey= Full. Eternal. Full of good things. Immortal. Imperishable.
Akshay Keerti= Eternal fame.
Akshayakeerthi = Eternal fame.
Aksheen = notfeenle.Strong.
Akshit = Permanent.
Akshobhya =Serene.Calm.Vishnu
Aktar= Scent. Fragrance.
Akul = LordShiva.
Akutil = Upright.Straightforward. 
Ahalya= Wife of sage Gautam. Name of a sage. Ahanti = Name of west African tribe.
Ahava = Beloved.
Ahilyaa = Afamous historical name.
Ahimakar =One who gives warmth .The sun.
Ahiraj = Whowears serpents.Shiva.
Ahish = Kingof sepents.Nagaraj.
Ahlad = Joy.
Ahladini(Aahladini)= Joyous person.Lady in happy mood.Happy lady.
Ahladitha(Ahladita)= Joyous person.Lady in happy mood.Happy lady.
Ahobal = Mighty.Hanuman.
Ahwaintha =who has invented. Wanted. 
Aiesha= Woman.
Aina = Eternal.
Aisha = Life. Woman. The favourite wife of Mohammed.
Aisheeya = Ocean.
Aishwarya =Wealthy. Prosperity.
Aissa = Grateful
Aja = She goat.Sakti.
Ajaamil = Unfriendly.
Ajaganda =Daughter of Aja.
Ajala = TheEarth
Ajamukhi(Ajaamukhi)= Daughter of sage Kashyap & Surase.
Ajath = Birthless.Shiva.Vishnu.Jina.
Ajatha Sathru= One who has no enemies.
Ajeeb = Wonder.
Ajendra = Kingof Mountains.
Ajeya = Onewho cannot be conquered, Vishnu.
Ajitesh = Vishnu.
Akalanka =Faultless.Flawles
Akalmasha =Pure. 
Akhila= World. Whole. Complete. Universe.Lalithamba's other name. Akihlandeshwari= Queen of the world. Parvati.

Akhileswari= Lalithamba's other name.
Akrant = Might.Force.
Akshamala =Rudrakshini garland.Another name of Arundathi. Akshata = Unscated.Perfect.
Akshaya = Imperishable.
Akshayamathi = Super intelligence.Divyagyana. Akshayamukthi = Eternal salvation.
Akshita = Yellow Rice used by Hindus for worship and blessing.

Akutila = Simple.Straightforward.


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