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D'Artagnan (dar TAY nee yen or dar teh NYON in French) = Name of the 'fourth musketeer' in the novel The Three Musketeers, synominous with truth, honor, youthful exuberance and commitment.
Dacey = Southerner.
Dag = Day. Brightness.
Dagan = Grain. Corn.
Daivamsh = Of divine origin.
Daivik = Divine.Fortune.
Dak = Elf Magic
Daksha = Able. Competent.Name of ancient Hindu king & father of Godess Parvathi.
Dakshinamurthy = Shiva.
Dakshineshwar = Shiva.
Dalapathi = Head of an army division.
Dale = Valley dweller.
Dallas = For the city in Texas.
Dalton = From the valley town.
Dalton = Name of a place. The settlement in the valley.
Daly = Counselor.
Damarugendra = Shiva.
Damian = To tame.
Damodar, Daamodar = Vishnu
Damon = Tamer. Subduer.
Dan = A short form of Daniel.
Dana = From Denmark.
Danasheel = A donor.Philanthropist.
Dandak = Song Echavaku.
Dandapani = Shiva.
Daniel = God is my judge.
Dankana = Name of an sculptor of olden days.
Dante = Enduring.
Danton = Of Anthony.
Darby = Free man.
Darcy = From the stronghold.
Darius = Wealthy.
Darien = Great. Small. Rocky Hill.
Darnell = From the place of hiding.
Darpan = Mirror.
Darren = Beloved. Great little one.
Darryl = Darling.
Darshan = Religious text.One of the six systems of Indian philosophy.Vision.
Darshanik = A Philosopher.
Darton = From the deer park.
Darwin = After the British naturalist Charles Darwin.
Dashajyothish = Ten scars of Agni. Dasharath = Sri Rama's father. Dasharathi = Dasharatha's Son,
Sri Rama.
Datar = Donor.Liberal person. Dattadri = A sage.
Dattatreya = descendent of Dattadri Daulat = Riches.Power.Pride.
David = Beloved.
Davin = Bright finn.
Davis = Son of David.
Dawson = Davids son.
Dayakar = Who sows kindness and compassion.
Dayal = A kind and compassionate person.
Dayanand = Who is pleased to help.To be kind.
De Witt = Fair one.
Dean = From the valley. Greek god. Great leader.
Dearborn = Beloved child.
Declan = Man of Prayer.
Dedrick = Ruler of the people.
Deenanath = Protector of poor and doowntrodden.God.
Deepak = Lamp. one who burns himself to give light or brightness to others
Deepankar = Carrior of Lamp.
Deepit = Lighted.
Deepthamshu = Ray of Light.
Delano = From the nut tree orchard.
Delbert = Noble and Brilliant.
Delmar = Of the sea.
Delwyn = Proud friend.
Demetrius = Follower of demeter.
Dempsey = Proud.
Dempster = Judge.
Denby = From the Danish settlement.
Denley = From the valley meadow.
Dennis = Of Dionysus.
Dennison = Son of Dennis.
Denton = From the valley farm.
Derek = Gifted ruler.King. Ruler of the People.
Derik = Gifted ruler.King.
Dermot = Free-man.
Derrek = Gifted ruler.King.
Derrik = Gifted ruler.King.
Derry = Red-haired.
Derwin = Friend of the animals. Desmond = Man of the south Munster. Dev = Immortal.
Devadut = Given by devas.Gift of devas. Devak = Father of devak.
Devakinandan = Son of Devaki.SriKrishna.
Deval = Descenednt of Kashyap.
A sage.
Devanand = Divine joy.
Devapriya = Who is loved by devas.God chosen.
Devaraj = King of devas. Indra. Devavardhan = Brother of Devaki. Devendra = King of devas,Indra.
Devi Prasad = Gift of the Godess. Devidas = Servant of the Goddess. Devin = Poet.
Devinath = Shiva.
Devlin = Fierce. Valorous.
Devipriya = Loved by Goddess.Who loves goddess.
Devon = For the English country.
Devottham = Best among devas.
Devra = Two mountains.
Dewey = Variant of David.
Dexter = Right-handed.Dexterous. Dhadheechi = A sage who gave his babkbone to Indra to make strong weapon(Indrayudha,Vajyrayudha). Dhairavanth = Brave person. Dhanapal = Richman.
Dhanhanjay = Arjun.
Dhanraj = Richman. King of wealth. Dhanurdhar = Bowman.
Dhanvanthri = Ayurveda Pandit. Dhanwi = Warrior.
Dhanya = Fortunate.A person whose mission is fulfilled.
Dharam = Truth. Dharma. Duty. Dharampal = Follower of truth. Dharineesh = Who rules the Earth.King.
Dharinendra = Who rules the Earth.King.
Dharinipal = Who rules the Earth. King.
Dharmadev = Yudhistir.
Dharmanand = Happy in following Dharma(Righteousness).
Dharmaputra = Yudhistra.
Dharmaraj = Name of Yudhistir. Most righteous person. Eldest of Pandavs (Dharmaraj, Bhim, Arjun, Nakul & Sahadev).
Dharmatej = Radinace of Righteousness.
Dharmatma = Arjun.
Dharmaveer = Righteous bold man.
Dharmendra = Righteous.Virtuous man.
Dhaval = White
Dheemath = A scholar.Intellectual.Wise.
Dheeraj = King. A noble hero.
Dheerendra = Bold king.
Dheergayu = One blessed with long life.
Dhiren = Bold person.
Dhiraj = Patience. Calmness.
Dhruva = A boy who is a great devotee of Vishnu,Son of Uttanapad.
Dhureen = Leader.
Dhyanachand = Who is happy to mediate
upon god.
Dibia = He who heals.
Dickson = Son of Richard.
Diego = The Suplanter.
Diganth = Horizon.
Digeesg = Lord of directions.Shiva.
Digvijay = Universal.Conquest.
Dilawar = Brave.
Dilber = Lover.
Dildar = Large hearted.Lover of
pleasure. Man of taste.
Dilip = King of suryavamsam.
Dilkush = Happy.
Dillon = Faithful.
Dilshad = Happy.
Dinakar = The Sun.
inesh = The Sun.
Dion = Of Dionysus.
Divaskar = The Sun.
Divaspati = The Sun.
Divij = Born in heaven.Deva(Angel).
Divit = Immortal.
Divodas = A king.
Divyamshu = The Sun.
Divyanand = Glorious.Most pleased.
Divyatej = Divine glow.
Divyaprakash = Divine glow.
Divyatma = A seet.Best person.
Dixon = Son of Richard.
Dmitri = Follower of Demeter.
Dolan = Dark-haired.
Dominic = The Lord's.
Donahue = Dark warrior.
Donald = World ruler.
Donato = Gift.
Donnelly = Dark and brave.
Donovan = Dark Warrior.
Dora = Gift.
Doran = Gift.
Dorian = Of the sea.
Dotan = Law.
Douglas = From the dark water. Doumya = Name of a sage. Priest of Pandavas.
Dov = Bear.
Doyle = Dark stranger.
Drake = Little Dragon or Duck.
Drew = Trustworthy.
Driscoll = Interpreter.
Drona = Name of the teacher of Pandavas & Kauravas.Dronacharya.
Druce = Wiseman.
Drupad = King of panchala. Draupadi's father.
Dryden = Of the dry valley.
Duane = Little dark one.
Dudley = Of the people's meadow.
Duff = Dark faced. Dark-haired
Duke = Leader. Duke.
Duncan = Brown Warrior. Dark warrior.
Dunham = Dark man.
Dunstan = From the brown stone fort.
Dunton = From the hill estate.
Dur = Pearl.
Durandhar = Leader.
Durant = Enduring.
Durga Prasad = Gift of Godess Durga.
Durgadas = Servant of Goddess Durga.
Durgesh = Shiva.
Durward = Gatekeeper.
Durwin = Dear friend.
Dustin = Brave fighter.
Dushyant = Name of a famous king who forgot his wife Shakuntala. Father of Bharata.
Dwarakanath = Sri Krishna.
Dwight = Fair one.
Dwij = Brahmin.
Dwijendra = Best among brahmins.Moon
Dwijesh = Best among brahmins.Moon
Dwipayan = Born in an island.Sage Vedavyas.
Dylan = Of the sea. Son of the waves.
Dyumani = The Sun.
Dyumatsena = Satyavan's father.Savithri's father-in-law.
Dyuthikar = One who gives light.The sun.
Dyuthimanth = Son of Madirashwa of Ecchvaku dynasty.

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