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Lea = Weary.
Leah = The weary one. The weak-sighted one. Wild cow. Gazelle.
Leahcar = Goddess of party.
Leandra = Feminine of Leander. Leanne = Combination of Lee and Anne.
Leatrice = Combination of Lee and Beatrice.
Leda = Mythological wife of Zeus, and mother of Helen and of Castor and Pollux.
Lee = Plum.Poetic. Of the meadow.
Leela = Amuse. Play.Light, Torch, Creation.
Leelavathi = Playful.
Leigh = Of the meadow.
Leila = Dark at night.
Leilani = Heavenly child.
Lekisha = Life. A combination of prefix LA + Keisha.
Lemuela = Feminine of Lemuel.
Lena = Pledge. Wet Meadow.
Leena = A short form of Helen.
Lenore = Pledge.
Leona = Feminine of Leo.
Leonarda = Feminine of Leonard. Leonora = Light.
Leontine = Feminine of Leo.
Leopolda = Feminine of Leopold. Leora = My light.
Leslie = Of the grey fortress.
Letitia = Joy.
Levana = The Moon
Levona = Spice.
Lexus = Defender of man kind.
Lian = My joy.
Liat = You are mine.
Libby = Consecreated to god.
Libra = Balance.
Lilac = From the flower lilac.
Lilian = Lily like tender and beautiful girl
Lily = Name of a flower. Pure, innocent and beautiful like a lily flower.
Lina = Palm tree (Arabic meaning).
Linden = The linden tree.
Lilith = Of the night.
Lillian = Lily.
Limor = Myrrh.
Linda = Pretty one. Lime tree. Linden tree.
Lindsey = Pool on an island.
Lisa = Dedicated to God. Short form of Elisabeth. Linden = From the linden tree.
Lindsey = Pool on an island.
Lisa = Dedicated to God.
Lindsay = From the linden-tree island.
Linette = From the linnet, a song bird.
Liraz = My secret.
Livia = Feminine of Oliver.
Liza = Short form of Elizabeth.
Lois = Feminine of Louis.
Lola = From virgin Mary. Sorrows.
Lolita = From the virgin Mary.
Lorenza = Crowned with Laurel.
Loretta = Pure.
Lorita = Diminutive/alternate form of Laura
Lovia = Loveable lady, Beautiful, Graceful.
Lorelei = Ruler to the rocks.
Loretah = Diminutive/alternate form of Laura
Loretta = Feminine of Lawrence.Diminutive/alternate form of Laura
Lorette = Diminutive/alternate form of Laura
Lorietta = Diminutive/alternate form of Laura
Lorna = Feminine of Lawrence.
Lorretta = Diminutive/alternate form of Laura
Lorrette = Diminutive/alternate form of Laura
Lorraine = From the medieval kingdom of Lorraine
Lotta = Feminine of charles.
Lottie = Feminine of Charles.
Lotus = From the lotus flower.
Louella = Feminine of Louis.
Louise = Feminine of Louis.
Luba = Lover.
Lucerne = Life.
Lucianna = Feminine of Lucian.
Lucille = Light.
Lucretia = Gain. Reward.
Lucy = Light. Illumination.
Ludmilla = Loved by the people.
Lulu = Light. Precious.
Luna = Moon
Luz = Almond Tree.
Luzetta = Light.
Lydia = Woman of Lydia.
Lynette = Flowing brook.
Lynn = Cascade.
Lyra = Of the lyre. The words of a song
Lyric = Of the lyre. The words of a song.
Lyrica = Of the lyre. The words of a song.
Lyris = Of the harp or lyre.