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Taggart = Pure. Neat. Clean.
Tahir = Holy.
Taj = Crown.
Taksha = Son of Bharata and Mandovi.
Takshak = King of serpents.
Tanmay = Absorb. Engross. Concentrate.
Tanner = Worker in leather.
Tariq = Morning Star
Tarun = Young man.Youth.
Tata = Surname.Name of a great Indian industrialist.
Tate = Great talker.
Tau = Lion.
Taylor = Tailor. Surname.
Tailapa = A king.
Taksha = Son of Bharata and Mandovi.
Takshak = King of serpents.
Talib = Divine.
Tallen = Engrossed.Absorbed.
Tamohar = Who dispels darkness sun.
Tanju = Redness before the sun set.
Tanmay = Absorb. Engross. Concentrate.
Tanvir = Enlightened.
Tapan = Tapas.Austerity.
Tapaswi = A sage who practices austerities.
Tarachand = Silver star
Tarak = Protector.
Taramandal = Milky way.Galaxy.
Taranath = King of stars,moon
Tarang = A Wave.
Tarik = Who crosses the river of life.
Tarun = Young man.
Tasha = Born on Christmas Day(Greek), A short form of Natsha(Russian).
Tathagath = Buddha.
Tatpar = Deeply interested.Engrossed.
Taj = Crown. Diadem. Crest. Comb of a bird.
Ted = Theodore.
Tejas = Brilliance. Light. Clearness of the eyes. Energy. Power. Essence. Spirit. Gold. Marrow.             Dignity. Glowry. Majestry. Authority.Bright person.
Tejal = One that gives light. Sharp. Brilliant.
Tejala = Bringing light.
Tejapaala = Controller of power.
Tejaswi = Radiant.Personality.
Tejoram = Sri Ram.
Tejorasi = Name of a Jain guru.
Tejorath = A king.
Tejovanth = Radiant person.
Teo = God.
Tendulkar = Surname.One of the great Indian Cricketers - Sachin Tendulkar.
Thandaveshwar = Shiva.
Theodore = God. God-given.
Thomas = Twin. One of the 12 apostles.
Thor = Thunder.
Thornton = Town of thorns.
Thorsten = Thor's Stone.
Thurl = Strong fort.
Thurston = Thur's stone.
Thyagarj = Famous music composer.
Thurianand = Eternal bliss.Mokashanand.
Thyaganand = Who is happy in sacrificing or giving.
Thyagin = One who sacrifices.
Tilak = Superior.Ornament of anything.
Timon = Honourable.
Tirunarayan = Vishnu.
Tirunakshatra = Holy star
Todd = Fox.
Tomas = Twin.
Tony = Anthony.
Tosia = Inestimable.
Toshit = Happy.
Trevor = Prudent. Homestead. Goodly Town.
Triambhak = Having three eyes.Lord Shiva.
Trilochan = Having three eyes.Lord Shiva.
Trilokanath = Shiv. Easwar.
Triloknath = Shiv. Easwar.King of the 3 worlds (Pathal,Earth &Heaven).
Trinayan = Having three eyes.Lord Shiva.
Trinity = Triad. The father, the son, and the holy spirit.
Tristan = Outcry. The noise one.Tumult.
Tristin = Tumult. Out-cry.
Trivikram = An incarnation of Vishnu.
Tucker = Clothmaker.
Tufan = Storm.Tempest
Tulasidas = Devotee of Tulasi.
Tumbura = Celestial Musician.
Tulu = To Born.
Tushar = Snow.
Tusya = Inestimable.
Tyler = Tile layer. Maker of tiles.
Tyrone = Peace Maker.
Tyson = Fiery.
Udadhi = The Sea.
Udank = A sage.
Udari = Generous person.
Udath = Noble.Generous.
Udaya = Birth.Upcoming.
Udayachal = A Hill.
Udayachandra = Rising moon
Udayagiri = Hill.
Udayan = A king.
Udayaravi = Rising Sun.
Udbhuddah = Awakened.Blossomed.
Uddalak = A sage.
Uddam = Great.Exceptional.
Uddeepth = Illuninated.Stimulate.
Uddhav = Krishna's cousin and friend.
Udit = Thriving.Prosperous.
Udup = Moon
Uduraj = Moon
Udyoth = Shine.Brightness.
Ugrak = A serpent king.
Ugramoorthy = Shiva.
Ugranarasimha = An incarnation of Vishnu who killed the father of Prahlad, Hiranyakashyapu.
Ugrasen = A King.
Ugrashava = Son of Suramuni.
Ugrashiv = Shiva,the destroyer.
Ujal = Shine.Brightness.
Ujas = Shine.Brightness.
Ujjayanth = Mount where satyajit worshipped the sun god.
Ujwal = Bright.Brilliant.
Ujjawal = Bright. Shiny.
Ullas = Happy.
Ulric = Wolf.
Umakanth = Shiva.
Umapathy = Goddess Uma's husband.Lord Shiva.
Umasuta = Ganesh.

Umesh = Shiva.
Unnat = High.Elevated.
Upaman = A simile.Comparison.
Upanishat = Part of Vedas.
Upen = Indra's younger brother.
Upendra = Father of Dhruva.
Ursus = Bear
Urvir = Braveman on the earth. Usman = Young bustard.Young animal.3rd Khalifah of Islam and one of the "ten faithfuls" who were assured of attaining paradise
Uthkal = Son of Dhruva.
Uthkarsh = Excellence.Wellbeing. Uthkrushta = Superior.Best.Eminent.
Uthsah = Zeal.
Utphal = Lotus.
Utphalamitra = The Sun.
Utteran = A successful man who has achieved his aim.
Uttham = Best Person.
Uttung = Highest.

Vajra = Diamond.
Valen = Short form of Valentine.
Valente = Valiant.Brave.Variant form of Valentine.
Valentine = Strong. Varient of


Valentinus, the name of more than 50 saints and 3 Roman Emperors.
Van = Of. Equivalent of 'de' in French names.
Vance = Marshland.
vasanth = Spring.
Vaughn = Little. Von is German equivalent of Van.
Vedaant = Wisdom. End of the Vedas.
Vel = Lord Murugan's weapon.
Velan = Lord Murugan.
Velu = Lord Murugan.
Ventakaraman = Lord Sree Ram.
Verdell = Green.Flourishing.
Vernon = Alder tree grove.
Victor = Conqueror.
Vidal = Life.
Vidhur,Vidur = Wise.Name of the wisest minister in King Dhrutarashtra's cabinet in great
Indian Epic - Mahabharat.
Vidor = Cheerful.
Vignesh = Lord Ganesh.
Vijay = Victor.
Vikas = Progressive. Moving ahead in life.
Vikram = Valour.
Vikrant = Courageous. Bold. Victorious. Conqurer of the World,Fearless.
Vikranta = Courageous. Bold. Victorious.
Vinayak = Lord Ganesh.
Vincent = Conquering.
Vinesh = pious.
Virang = Strong body.
Virgil = Flourishing.Name of a Roman Poet-Philosopher.
Virinchi = Vishnu.
Vishal = Large. Spacious. Extenstive. Wide.
Vito = Life.
Vivek = True knowledge. Intelligence. Discrimination. Distinction.
Viveka = True knowledge. Intelligence. Discrimination. Distinction.
Vishnuraman = Lord Sree Ram.
Viswanatha = Lord of the universe. The form of Siva worshipped in Benaras,India. A Sanskrit literary critic of Orissa, India.
Viswanathan = Lord of the universe. The form of Siva worshipped in Benaras,India.
A Sanskrit literary critic of Orissa, India.
Valeriy = Strong. Brave.
Vasiliy = Roay.
Victor = Conqueror.
Vladimir = Possess peace.
Vladislav = Possesses glory.
Vyacheslav = Possesses glory.
Vytharana = Name of a river.Wade = Name of a place meaning 'river ford' or river crossing.
Walden = Child of the forest valley. Wahab = Large hearted.

Waheed = Handsome.
Waseem = Handsome. Smart.
Wendy = Literallly a created name that appeared in James Barriers Peter Pan.
William = Protect
Wilson = Determined guardian. Son of will.
Wyaat = Warrior.

Xavier = Bright.

Yadu = Son of Yayathi & Devayani. Yadav.
Yadav = Krishna. A surname.
Yadunandan = Krishna
Yaduveer = Krishna
Yarok = Supplanter
Yashpal = Successful.Famous.
Yaswant = Successful.Famous.
Yerik = Appointed by God.

Yoganand = One who can control his senses. Enjoys yoga.
Yuri = Farmer.
Yuvaraj = Prince.
Yudhistir = Another name for Dharmaraj, eldest of Pandavas.
Yusuf = One who is chosen by God.
Yvette = Feminine of Yves.

Zacchaeus = Pure. Clean.
Zachariah = Gods remembrance. Name of one of the 31 men including the prophet who
wrote the book of Zechariah.
Zachary = Jacob.
Zadeer = Novel. New
Zadok = Just
Zafar = Achievement.
Zahid = Intelligent.

Zain = Good light.
Zaki = Saintly.
Zander = Short form of Alexander.
Zane = John.Jain.
Zarek = God protects.
Zaurashtra = Paarsee. God.
Zeke = Short form of Ezekiel.
Zeno = Of Zeus.
Zereen = Golden.
Zia = Enlightened.
Zila = Shade.
Ziven = Vigorous and alive.
Zohar = Bright light.
Zohra = Jupiter.
Zoraavara = Brave.
Zubair = Pure.
Zuber = Pure.

Tahela = Sing praises unto God.
Tami = Let people see benefit.
Tanuja = Daughter.
Tanvi = Beautiful . Slender. Delicate. Fine
Tapati, Tapti = Name of a river.
Tara = Star
Tarah = High Hill.
Tarakeswari = Parvathi.
Tarangini = Name of a river.
Tarin = Blend of Tara and Erin.
Tarryn = Blend of Tara and Erin.
Taryn = Blend of Tara and Erin.
Tarynn = Blend of Tara and Erin.
Tatum = Surprised. Different.
Taylor = Tailor. Surname.
Tejamayi = Lalithamba's other name.
Tejasri = Lalithamba's other name. With divine power and grace.
Tejaswari = Lalithamba's other name.
Teju = Lalithamba.
Terence = Variant of Roman clan name.
Terrence = Variant of Roman clan name.
Tessa = Short form of Teresa
Tessia = Short form of Teresa
Tessie = Short form of Teresa
Thalia = Joyful or Blossoming.
Thushara = Name of a flower.
Tiffany = Goddess. God's appearance. Manifestation of God.
Tilaka = Ornament. Great.
Tilottama = An apsara.
Tiree = Beautiful trees.
Titus = A greek christian missionary to whom Paul wrote the canoncial letter "Titus". Saved.
Tomi = Rich. Short for Tomasita or Thomasita, which is used in the Spanish language and Italian language. Tomasita or Thomasita is the feminine version or Thomas, Tomas, or Tom.
Tonya = Priceless. Beyond price. Invaluable
Tori = Bird
Toshi = Mirror reflection.
Triveni = Confluence of the rivers Ganga, Yamuna & Saraswati.
Tulasi = Holy basil plant.
Tulika = Brush.
Twinkle = Glitter
Ujwala = Bright. Brilliant. Lustrous.
Uloopi = Name of one of the Arjuna's wives.
Uma, Uma Devi = Goddess Parvathi.
Urmila = Name of Lakshmana's wife.
Urvi = Earth
Usha = Sunrise. Dawn.
Utpala = Lotus.
Uttami = Best woman.
Uttara = Name of a star . Daughter of king Virata & wife of Abhimanyu.
Ujwala = Bright. Brilliant. Lustrous.
Uloopi = Name of one of the Arjuna's wives. Uma, Uma Devi = Goddess Parvathi, Mother.
Upama = Comparison.
Urmila = Name of Lakshmana's wife.
Urvi = Earth
Usha = Sunrise. Dawn.
Ushma = Heat. Spring. Passion. Anger. Ardour. The hot season.
Usma = Heat. Spring. Passion. Anger. Ardour. The hot season.
Utpala = Lotus.
Uttami = Best woman.
Uttara = Name of a star. Daughter of king Virata & wife of Abhimanyu

Vaidehi = Princes of Videha. Sita.
Vaishali = Name of an ancient city.
Vaishnavi = Devotee of Vishnu.
Vakini = One who recites. A tantric deity.
Valli = Wife of Karthikeya.
Vanaja = Lotus.
Vanajakshi = Lotus eyed lady.
Vanamala = A garland made out of various flowers.

Vandana = Salutation.
Vanessa = A beautiful butterfly.
Vani = Saraswati.
Vanisha = Pure.
Vanisree = Saraswati.
Vanita = A lady.
Vardhini = Developing. Improving. Strengthening.
Varsha = Rain. Year.
Varuni = Godess of intoxication.
Vasanthi = Spring season.
Vasavi = Incarnation of Sachidevi. Kanyaka Parameswari. Deity of Vaishyas.
Vashti = Beautiful One.
Vasundhara = The Earth
Veda = Holy book of the Hindus. Source of knowledge.
Vedavathi = Name of Sita.
Vedna = Knowledge. Perception.
Veena = A musical instrument.
Vennela = Moonlight.

Vera = Faithful.
Veronica = True image.
Vibha = Bright. Radiant.
Vianca = Princess. Goddess.
Victoria = Victory.
Vidya = Knowledge.
Vidyadhari = Knowledgeable woman.
Vidyavathi = Educated woman.
Vidyullatha = Ligheting Plant.
Vimala = Pure.
Vineela = Deep Blue.
Vineeta = Humble.
Vinila = Deep Blue.
Vinoda = Joy. Happiness. Fun.
Vihangi = A bird. One that flies.
Vijaya = Victory.
Vijayata = Winner.
Vijayeta = Winner,Conqueror.
Vipula = Vast. Detailed.
Visala = Large. Spacious. Extenstive. Wide.
Vyshalani = Natural Beauty.

Wanda = Wanderer. Traveler.
Wava = Stranger.
Wendy = Friend.
Weslee = Feminine form of Wesley.
Wesley = From the west meadow. Feminine form of Weslee.
Weslia = Feminine form of Wesley.


Whitely = White meadow.
Whitney = Fair island.
Willa = Resolute protector.
Willo = A willow tree noted for its slender, graceful branches and leaves.
Winifred = Reconciled. Blessed.
Winnie = Reconciled. Blessed.
Winona = First born daughter.
Winter = The season.
Wynne = Reconciled. Blessed.

Xandra = Variant of Alexandra.
Xandria = Variant of Alexandra.
Xanthe = Yellow blonde.
Xanthia = Yellow blonde.
Xavia = Bright. Splendid.
Xaviera = Bright. Splendid.
Xela = Goddess of love.
Xena = Hospitable. Welcoming.
Xenia = Welcoming. Hospitable.
Xuxa = Nickname of Susana.
Xyla = Woodland.
Xylia = Woodland.
Xylina = Woodland.

Yajaira = Worshipper.
Yamuna = River.
Yasmin = Jasmine flower.


Yasmina = Jasmine flower.
Yasmine = Jasmine flower.
Yasmeen = Jasmine flower.
Yashoda = Krishna's mother.
Yazmin = Jasmine flower.
Yesenia = Varient of Llesenia.
Yessenia = Varient of Llesenia.
Ynes = Chaste.
Ynez = Chaste.
Yoko = Positive child or female.
Yolanda = The flower Violet. The French form of violet and the Hungarian Jolanda.
Yolande = The flower Violet. The French form of violet and the Hungarian Jolanda.
Ysabel = Medieval form of Isabel.
Yumiko = Arrow Child.
Yuriko = Lily child.
Yvette = Fiminine form of Yves.
Yvonna = Feminine variant of Yves.
Yvonne = Feminine variant of Yves.

Zahara = Flowering.
Zaheeraa = Expression.


Zaida = Fortunate. Huntress.
Zaina = Xenia.
Zakiya = Pure.
Zalika = Well born.
Zandra = Alexandra.
Zaneta = Name of a saint.
Zara = Eastern Dawn.Dawning.
Zareen = Golden.
Zarina = Golden.
Zarinaa = Queen.
Zebidiah = Magical.
Zeenat = Glory.
Zelda = Short form of Grizelda.
Zelma = Selma
Zenia = Name of a flower.Welcoming.
Zenobia = Name of a queen.
Zereen = Golden.
Zetana = Name derived from Zeta, sixteenth letter of Greek Alphabets.
Zeynep = Name of Prophet Muhammad's child
Zhane = Jenae
Zia = Splendour. Light.
Zita = Name of a saint.
Zivah = Radiant.
Zoe = Life.
Zohra = Blossom.
Zohraa = Jupiter.
Zora = Dawn.
Zsa Zsa = Pet name for Susan.
Zuleika = Fair one
Zulekhaa = Beautiful.
Zulema = Peace. Shalome