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Kozhikode ( Calicut)

      North of Kerala lies the land, the legendary traveller Marco Polo described in A.D 1320 as "the great province of Malabar".After the 13th century, Kozhikode grew in importance as a port and as the capital of the Samoothiri kings or Zamorins, as they were called by the Portugese. In fact some historians say, Calicut derives it's name from the fortified palace ' koyil kotta ' built by a samoothiri ruler. Senic beautyCalicut has also lent it's name to ' Calico ' - a fine hand woven cloth said to have originated in this place. Kozhikode is an important trading centre for timber,tiles and shopping ground for the famous delicacy - kozhikode Halwa. Beypore, 11 km away is a ship buiding centre famous for it's country crafts called 'uru'. Telicherry and Sultan Battery, 98 km away are important trading centres. The city Area is about 30.61 sq km.


General Information

District Area : 2,345 sq. km (as per Mal. Manorama, 1994)
City Area : 30.61 sq. km
District Pop. : 2,612,897 (as per Mal. Manorama, 1994)
City Pop. : 419, 531
Climate : Tropical
Altitude : 0 ft. (Sea level)
Temperature : Mean Max. Mean Min. (in degrees Celsius)
Summer : 35 22.5
Winter : 32 22
Rainfall : 254 cm. (ann.)
Clothing : Tropical cottons
Tourist season : September to May

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