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Mahesh Bhatt: Emraan doesn’t need me anymore

Sonil Dedhia in Mumbai

Mahesh Bhatt is a man who believes in making convential cinema. 

He says, “We try and make films which take the audience to a space like this, they watch the film and are also studying a situation which is relevant to their lives.”

He also takes pride in launcing new faces to the industry and one such is Esha Gupta who was seen in Visheh Film’s latest  film Jannat 2. Bhatt also admits that sequels and franchsie does give an illusion of safety and there is nothing wrong in making sequels.

In this conversation with Sonil Dedhia, Bhatt explains why he is betting on Kunal Khemu more than Emraan Hashmi, why sequels are a safe bet and why he didnt find it necessary to launch his own kids in the film industry.

The trigger for Jannat 2 is quite interesting. Tell us about it.

I was sitting in my old office at Juhu when a young man came and told the receptionist that he wanted to meet me. When she refused to let him in, he took out a country-made pistol from his bag and fired one shot at one of the doors.

This is something we enact on the sets and enhance it for cinematic experience, but it was happening in real life!

Then, the writer of the film, Shagufta Rafique, was a victim of illegal arms. Her brother-in-law Brij Sadanah (who directed the film Victoria No 203) got drunk one day, killed his wife and daughter, and ultimately shot himself dead. These incidents became the trigger.

The character and the plot are different from Jannat so why call the film Jannat 2?

We had earlier called this film Informer. That got an ice cold response from the media.  It was not generating the kind of anxiety amongst the audience. The truth is that the blockbuster mentality has taken over. We have the same mentality as Hollywood.  The opening weekend has become very important.  

A franchise gives a sense of security to everyone — the director, producers, exhibitors and even the audience feels that they are watching something close to the first part.

Please continue…

We tasted success with Murder 2 and Raaz 2. As soon as we changed the name of our film from Informer to Jannat 2, the pre-release buzz has been astounding. People are eager to see the film.

I am sure what Jannat 2 will do at the box office it would not have done if the film had been called Informer. Just recently I experienced this with Blood Money. Though we managed to sail home safe, I had to work 20 times harder.

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