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Pune’s Sassoon carving out ‘maid-to-order’ hits

Don’t be surprised if your domestic help comes to work with a new set of dimples or a picture-perfect pout. Government-run Sassoon Hospital is offering cosmetic surgeries, considered affordable only by the realm of the uber-rich because of high costs involved, at rates less than Rs500.

And women from all strata, including middle-class working women to college students, would-be brides and even domestic help are flocking to the hospital’s plastic and cosmetic surgery department to get overnight makeovers from the surgeon’s scalpel.

Head of department Dr Parag Sahastrabuddhe said that cosmetic surgery procedures such as dimple creations, nose jobs, liposuction and even breast enhancement or reduction surgeries are fast becoming a rage at the department owing to low costs

“Private hospitals charge between Rs40,000 and Rs1.5 lakh for such surgeries, including costs for surgery, hospitalisation and implants. AtSassoon, the cost of surgery is so minimal that it may cost less than a hotel meal. The only costs involved are cost of implants, if required for patient, since they are not available in public hospitals,” he said.

So far, the unit has done more than 25 cosmetic surgeries for women from lower economic strata, with most popular choice being rhinoplasty or nose job.

Deputy dean Dr Sameer Joshi said that a minor surgery such asrhinoplasty costs Rs250, while a major surgery such as breast reduction surgery costs Rs500. “If no implants are used, other costs may involve bed charges that are Rs30 per day, including meals,” he said.

Doctors say that besides disfigurement of face, cosmetic surgery has many psychological benefits for women from lower economic strata and helps in building self-esteem and combating depression and anxiety disorders associated with body image.

“For example, we have done a few breast reduction surgeries for women with abnormally large breasts. In our counselling sessions pre-surgery, these women coming from lower socio-economic strata told us how they were getting teased by people or girls of marriageable age facing issues in getting marriage offers because of embarrassingly large assets. In such cases, the surgery has not only helped them look good but has far reaching psychological benefits,” said Dr Nikhil Panse, assistant professor at the department.

However, there have been a few cases where women demand surgery just for enhancing their body image. “Surgeries like dimple creation, nose jobs and liposuctions that we performed weren’t needed for any functional correction. These were purely cosmetic jobs and even in lower economic strata like domestic help, telephone operators etc., the awareness of cosmetic surgery is increasing. They have read about it or hear from employers and are keen to get surgery done merely for looking good,” added Sahastrabuddhe.

Panse agreed that the numbers are far too low in cosmetic surgeries as compared to other kind of plastic surgeries. “The bulk of our work is surgeries for burns patients, accident victims, and reconstruction surgery for cancer patients or bone deformities etc. Maybe the awareness that purely cosmetic work is also done at Sassoon Hospital is yet to reach amongst masses which is why we don’t get as many requests as we can accommodate,” added Panse.

Surgery expense
Rhinoplasty or nose jobs: less than Rs1,000 (if no implant is needed)
Breast reduction: Rs2,000 or lesser
Breast augmentation: Rs600-800 for surgery, bed costs plus Rs25,000 for implant
Dimple creation: Rs300-500
Liposuction: less than Rs1,000

How to go about it
Visit the hospital’s plastic surgery department on OPD basis. A case paper costs Rs10 for a routine consultation
The doctor might ask you to come for a few counselling sessions to ensure that you know what is involved in surgery and have realistic expectations
A date for surgery is fixed. You pay requisite charges for surgery depending on surgical procedure
If an implant is required, you buy it from open market and get it before surgery
Post-surgery recuperation at Sassoon Hospital, bed charges Rs30 per day
Discharge from hospital and post-surgical follow up on OPD basis

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